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I think I sprained a muscle…

…patting myself in the back last night.  As I mentioned in my last post, I bought a knitting machine so I could create sock blanks faster (more on dyeing later).
When the machine got here, I realized I could do a whole lot more than just blanks with it.  I also realized it was a deep black hole as far as accessories go.  For a month or so I bought all kinds of little things the machine either needed or would make my life a little easier while dealing with it.
Still on my wish list there were a bunch of things – one of them being a ribber.

Last week I found one on Ebay that was going for a good price.  I stalked the page for the whole week and no one made a bid.  I put it on the watch list and then finally, last evening it was time to bid.  I had the page opened and refreshed up until there were less than 30 minutes left on the auction.  Then I realized that I don’t really need a ribber (nor do I have the space to set it up) and that purchase would lead me to other purchases (of things I don’t really need), so I logged off and shut the computer down.

I knew that one ribber would haunt me, so today I checked – afraid it hadn’t sold and it would tempt me again.  To my relief, it sold to some lucky person who got it for the original bidding price.  I’m not upset, others will appear.  Right now I have way too much stuff to deal with (and we have spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money already.  New furnace – check; new washer – check.   And we need new roofing).

So, if temptation out of the way, lets focus on things at hand.  I’ve been playing with dyes again and have

Recycled quilt
Recycled quilt

a few twists that I want to share with you guys (also a few skeins that need to be uploaded to my store).  I’m stumped on the design front…My ideas for the winter and spring shawls didn’t quite work and I can’t think of good solutions for either.
While I wait for my designing muse to wake up from its hibernation, I’ve been quilting.  I’m not really good at it, but I’m having fun.


My test knitters are still busy working on Verão, and because of my inability to pay attention to more than one thing at a time, I have to keep the next design in the waiting line.

That doesn’t mean I’ve been doing nothing while waiting for them.  Since I finished my stole, I’ve knit 4 shawls:
– The fall one, which worked fine, but can use some tweaking (sorry, no photos)
– The spring one, which didn’t turn out anything like what I envisioned.  But was a good exercise, since I could see what was going on and simplify the design (again – no pics)

Handspun Temptress
Handspun Temptress

Temptress by Boo Knits.  It was fun, fast and I finally got to use

one of my handspun yarns – something I don’t do often enough.
– The fourth shawl was done with some 2/8 yarn I had lying around, that was hand dyed to try a technique I read about some time ago.  Once more, I have no pictures to post.

But wait!  There’s more (but no photos).  Before going crazy(ier) and knitting one shawl after another, I took some time to play with dyeing.
I didn’t have many bare yarns in the house, so I used leftovers from various cones I had for a few years.
I chose a few techniques I hadn’t tried before, with some really good results.  Remind me to write another post talking about those.

I’m afraid I’m becoming the kind of knitter who only does one thing.  When the temperatures began to fall, I decided to start a cardigan for myself.  I’m sad to say it’s still on the needles, waiting for sleeves.  I picked up the stitches for one sleeve and had to force myself to knit one round.  I then tossed it aside and knit to doilies to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

One doily
One doily

This one on the left is a frankendoily, made up with different parts from a pattern I have and edging that I reversed engineered from a photo.  It has a lot of potential and I might cannibalize parts of it into different designs.


and another
and another

The second one comes straight from the Mary Thomas’ book of knitting patterns.  I knit it because I was curious how it would look like – the book doesn’t have an illustration for it, just written instructions.
I really enjoyed the way the gaps that tend to appear when doing short-rows are dealt with in this pattern.  Instead of trying all kinds of maneuvers to close said gaps (which, depending on the knitter, don’t quite work), the pattern embraces the gaps and make them into design elements.

Speaking of Mary Thomas, her books are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and well worth owning.


We live in an old, small house, pretty much in the middle of downtown.  Right across from our front yard there’s a beautiful park where most of the spring and summer events happen.

We can sit on our front porch and appreciate the music every Wednesday evening, during the spring time.  We’re also just a few steps away from the two major art fairs that happen in town every year.  This is the perfect set up for us, since we don’t like to plan things ahead of time, specially on weekends – to me, weekends are meant to be spent with a go with the flow attitude: do whatever we feel like doing, without having to plan ahead for it.

When I came downstairs yesterday morning, I noticed that the park’s parking lot (did I mention that the park is across the street from us?) was full.  Lots of cars, some with trailers attached.  That meant something was going on.  So I got closer to the window and from there I could see a few tents set up.

Since the weather was still nice (it wouldn’t last, though.  It got to 103F in the afternoon), we decided to go check it out.  It turns out that the Fall Art Fest(? Fair?) was going on.  The first booth we saw, as soon as we got there, was from a couple who sells iron work – garden decor and sculptures.
They had an amazing kinetic sculpture at the front, so we decided to look at the other things they had.  That’s when I saw her, standing by the side of the booth, almost hidden amongst all the other cool stuff they had – the perfect prop for displaying my shawls when doing a photo shoot: my new model.

I checked the price tag and couldn’t believe my eyes.  She was being sold for a third of the price of similar ones I’ve seen before!  And I had the money :D!  She came home with me and in a few hours she’ll be housed upstairs in the one-day-this-will-be-a-studio-room.

I’d like to introduce you to my new model.  Seen here displaying Verão, my latest design (soon to be released).

Quatro Estações Collection – Verão

She does an amazing job at modeling, doesn’t she?  On the next photo we can see her back, and how well she displays the stole.

Quatro Estações Collection – Verão back