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Tru Wuv is released!

Tru Wuv
Tru Wuv

Last year Mary announced in the group that she got engaged.  I offered to design her wedding shawl and immediately started to nag her about details : length, shape, elements etc..
Mary was very laid-back about the whole thing, and since I thought the wedding would happen in December this year, I let it go for a while.

Back in June she contacted me again to ask if the offer still stood.  Then she told me she was getting married at the end of August.
I hadn’t forgotten about the shawl, but in my head I had almost 5 months to deal with it, and now I was informed I had come up with an idea, knit it, write it and send it to her in time for it to be knit.  To say I freaked out is an understatement ;P.

I was so desperate that the first shawl I cheated and showed  her something I was working on already – not something made with the thought and care she deserves.  I wasn’t (and still am not) completely satisfied with that one and it shows.
Mary, being who she is, was kind enough to not refuse it all together, but that shawl wasn’t The One.

Back to the drawing board I went – very afraid there wouldn’t be enough time, and designed, charted and knit another one.  That one she liked, and so did I.  I wasn’t done yet, though.  I created another one because…I’m not sure.  I really like the second one, but I think the third one was desperately trying to get out of my head, so I did it.

Tru Wuv
Tru Wuv

The third one?  It’s Tru Wuv – in more senses than one.  I think I started it out of sheer stubbornness (and because Mary refused to be a bridezilla to the end) and because I was curious to see if it would work (most of my patterns start their life for this reason).
I knit it as fast as I could and until I had it all pinned out on the blocking board, I didn’t think it would look good.
Was I wrong.  The second I stepped back, after placing the last pin, I took a not-so-good photo of it and wrote Mary, claiming I had The One.

When we started talking about a shawl design, Mary told me she wanted to twirl around like a princess.  If you knit Tru Wuv, I hope you do it too.

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with the designing and publishing process as I have with this shawl.  I have no words to describe how wonderful and hard-working my test knitters are.  Their work is flawless in every way and they made it so easy for me to have this finally released.
Those women are talented, determined and so patient with my many flaws.  I’ll be forever grateful for everything they taught me and the hard work they put into this.

If you click on the link for the pattern you’ll be able to see Mary’s photos (and the love she and her husband share).  It was my way to show love to a friend and it was love that kept my testers going.  As you see, the name is very apt.

It’s been so long since I wrote here, people might be thinking I gave up on the blog entirely.  I didn’t.  There was this thing, and then another, and then something else…I kept on thinking, well…after this one thing (bad cold, finishing another design, fill-the-blank excuse) I’ll post again.  Time did its thing and I went from not having the stamina to post, to no having anything to say, to how will I tell about everything that happened in between my last post and the next?

Early in the year, I caught an awful cold that made me feel sorry for myself for a full month.  It was so bad I didn’t even knit.  I did play a lot of games on the Surface, though :P.

Then, there was (still is) the next design on the E-book that I will eventually publish.  The patterns were already out of sync with the seasons, but it’s already the end of July and I haven’t decided on the next pattern – supposed to be named for Winter.
To be honest, I think I have the right design now, but I still have to knit it – yet again – since the size is still way too small.  There’s also the little nagging voice in my head, reminding me that I need to come up with the last design for the collection, the one for Spring.

So, after being stuck for a few months trying to come up with the last 2 designs for the book, I was reminded of a promise an offer I made to a friend, and stopped everything I was doing to design her wedding shawl:

Tru Wuv
Tru Wuv

Between the shawl pictured above and another one that didn’t make the cut, I spent almost a month knitting nonstop.  Then, there was the soccer cup and the Hoar de Fleece, and I most of the month of July spinning and watching games ;).

I spun more this year than I did the last, but I still fizzled out on the last week.  Part of the reason I didn’t spin anything on the last week of the HdF was because I wanted to knit with some of the yarn I’d spun – which isn’t something that happens to me very often.

Well, this entry kind of sums up what happened since I last posted here.  Sometimes, having a boring life isn’t so bad.

Maria v1.0 and v1.5

Maria v1.0
Maria v1.0

I’ve been very quiet online, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t doing anything.  For the last month or so I’ve been working on the files for Maria v1.0 and v1.5 – also knitting another sample.

The files are in the hands of my amazing test knitters, which gives me some time to goof around and update this blog.
For the first time since I began releasing patterns, I actually have the time to work on a second design as this one gets tested, and do some much necessary improvements to my pattern template.  I hope to keep this going, as it will help me streamline my work – meaning, I’d be able to release more patterns in less time. 😀

Two of the reasons I’ve been so quiet online can be seen in the picture.  One was that I was knitting the shawl, the other is the snow.
We had almost a foot of snow in a very short period of time and the “storms” messed up with my connection (got lost, got slow…got me upset).  We were lucky though.  Some folks were (still are?) dealing with lack of electricity, fallen branches/trees, streets still covered with snow and ice and even a few collapsed roofs.

Zig Zag Spiral
Zig Zag Spiral

I’ve also managed to knit another shawl – Zig Zag Spiral, designed by the very talented Inês Sousa.  It was a pleasure to knit and I was very lucky in the combo of pattern and yarn.
Speaking of yarn, I’ve fallen in love with the yarn I used for this shawl.  It’s amazingly soft, has just the right hint of sheen and blocks beautifully.  If I can get more of it, I’ll dye some and make it available through my Etsy store (BTW, the Maria sample I posted above will also be available there – as soon as I’m done with the design).