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Finished, full Pi

Warning:  spoiler photo after the jump.

All clues are posted and a lot of people are already knitting the 4th clue.  This is my second shawl for 2011 and also my second design for that challenge.  I finished my prototype on 24/03.  My calculations were a bit off, I ended up using 1518.98 meters or 1715.625 yards of fingering weight yarn.  The shawl, blocked slightly (because I didn’t have enough space) is 96in (243.84cm) in diameter, which is way too big, so I also released a smaller 4th clue.

When I started this KAL, I had plans of posting every time I released a clue, wait a few days and then post pics of my progress, but in the middle of this project there was a house :D.  We closed on a house on the very day the last clue was posted, but I was busy working in the background so we could buy the house.  These things got in my way and I wasn’t able to post as often as I’d planned (and wanted).

The photo you see here is of when we first saw the house.  After the jump you’ll see a photo of the finished shawl – because this is a knitting blog, after all.
     I don’t have better pictures, sorry.  Like I said, I didn’t have enough space to block it any larger or display it better for the shot and the weather wasn’t good enough to take photos outside.

There is a lot of knitting related work that I need to do (like fixing the chart for the edging on Dorothy and start knitting another idea), but my time has been consumed by the house.  I’ll eventually find a balance, as the renovations necessary are many and time consuming.

Luiza in 20/2

As I said in my previous post, I’m working on another Luiza, this time using 20/2 yarn, so I could answer questions coming from people knitting it in lace weight

WIP Luiza

The yarn I’m using is Jaeggerspun and it comes waxed, in a cone. It will bloom a bit after soaking.
This wasn’t as intensive a blocking as I’d normally do with a FO, but it gives me an idea of how many repeats I’ll need to do. On the pic above, I’m starting a new repeat (8 flowers).

Since the yarn comes in a cone, I don’t have to worry about running out of yarn, and I’ll keep on knitting until I have a good sized shawl (I’m hoping for somewhere around a 5 foot wingspan).

I don’t know how much yarn I used so far, because I forgot to weight the yarn and needles before I began 😛

People who know me, know I get bored easily and seldom knit the same design twice. This will be my third time with this one and I’m thinking about creating a different edging for it, so I don’t poke my eyes out. If it works, I’ll make it available as an addendum to the pattern.


So, I joined the fun over on Ravelry and joined the Ravelympics and 10 shawls in 2010. Here is what I’ve done so far.
A second Gail – because I needed to review the pattern. The challenges here were to use a yarn that was stashed for a long time (more than 2 years for this one) and finish it in less than 48 hours (life got in the way…sigh).
This one was entered in both Ravelympics and 10 shawls in 2010.

The second one is a baby jacket, done, again, with “what was I thinking” yarn which I tried to make into something before with no success:

It used less than one skein of yarn and was done in less than 24 hours.

This jacket, along with a few other items I knit just because and have no use for will be donated later on.

If you look to your left