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I’m dyeing here!

I haven’t posted anything new on my Etsy shop for eons. With test knitting, Christmas gifts to do, a new design being written, I just didn’t have time to dye or spin.
These weren’t the only reasons, though. I live in a small apartment and usually put rovings and yarn outside to dry. With winter (a very snowy and cold one) this became impossible. So I was kind of taking a break from the shop.

A few days ago, I had to “wake up” the store as I was asked to dye two rovings for a new client. Two days after the first request, I get another one, this time for a skein of one of my hand dyed, handspun yarn.
The timing is good, since I’m done with the test knitting and the pattern is almost ready to be published, so I went for it! I’m dyeing again. :)

It takes me almost a full day to dye 4 oz of roving, so while I wait, I’m spinning a merino roving that had been sitting in my wheel for …I don’t even know anymore…maybe since November last year :P.

As I was dyeing the second roving today, one drop of dye fell on top of an area where it wasn’t intended to be. I usually keep paper towels by the crock pot, so I thought: “why not?” and dipped the tip of the paper towel in the dye bath. To my surprise, it worked and sucked the stain right out of it.
Now, if I were using a different technique, I don’t think it would work, but I do think it’s a nifty trick and might be helpful for other people too.

I’m hoping to get my dyeing mojo back, as I have some really cool fibers waiting to be dyed.