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Check list

I usually don’t write about what I plan to do because I feel like if I do, I end up not knitting what I had planned. 😛
Oddly, this time around I managed to knit some of the things I said I would…Maybe times are changing, maybe it is the stars’ alignment…I don’t care, I got some stuff done and it’s good. :)

This first picture is the hat I knit for the UPS guy. I used the method described on Knitting from the top, by Barbara Walker. I thought this stitch was called brioche in English – I was wrong. According to some of the stitch dictionaries I have, it’s called a fisherman rib. Whatever you call it, it’s a nice, lofty, warm stitch.
It took me a few tries until I got the number of stitches right – I still have the one I did before, which is suited for a giant…
Once I got the numbers right, it was a breeze. I love how it feels and am now in the process of talking Joel into a pair of socks done with this stitch. The second photo shows how the increases make a swirl.

To the right you see the black hoodie in progress. I need to finish the sleeves, add some i-cord on the right side of the front and sew in the zipper.
Joel’s nephew is into Ninjas right now and I thought that a “ninja kit” that could also be used as normal clothes would be a good idea. I’m also knitting a black scarf to go with it, for when I get bored with the sea of ST st.
I might also knit a pair of flip top mittens to go with the kit, but I’m still thinking about it.
The “pattern” for this one is the incredible, custom-fit raglan sweater. There is very little math involved and once you get the numbers right, you can do almost anything.

The idea of using short row heels for a hoodie has been brewing around in my head for a while, so I took the chance and tried it out. It does work, but I have to say I got lucky. Next time I use this technique for a hood, I’d knit a few more rows back and forth before starting the short rows. This one fits, but it could be longer.

Please forgive me for all the hair you can see on the hoodie – between Joel, I and the two cats, I’m not sure who sheds most. I try to take the hair out, only to find out, a few minutes later, that there is more hair on the item than what I took out. Eventually I give up on trying, as I’d go crazy and the knitting wouldn’t be done.
A good wash and a lint brush will take care of those pesky hairs before I wrap the finished item up.

To end this post, here is the photo of the flip top mittens I did.  I use an adaptation of the Urban Necessity gloves.  My version doesn’t have fingers nor the cables on the back and I do a crazy bind off on the top of the cap.

So…checking my gift list, we have already a bunch of little, silly gifts for the BIL (I might end up knitting him mittens as I have a need to add something useful to the other gifts – besides, it’s a fast knit).
I’ve already gave Joel one gift (is there anything better than a “just because” gift?) and there a few more on the way.
The silly part of the nephew’s gifts are the items on the ninja kit – which are being worked on.  I still want to make him a notebook that will go with the serious gift we’ll give him.
There are three or four little boxes that will eventually find their way over seas and even though we weren’t supposed to, we also bought my in-laws a very necessary gift.
I guess we are doing our part to keep UPS, USPS and the Fedex people busy 😉

One of the test knitters just finished knitting PPaola, at least two others are very close to finishing too.  With the holidays coming, I don’t expect much work to be done, but that’s fine.  I still have one correction to make to the document and maybe some fine tuning.  I wanted, initially, to have the pattern available before Christmas – of course, it won’t happen.  I’m not worried, though.  It will get done when it gets done and hopefully with as little mistakes as humanly possible.