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It’s been so long since I wrote here, people might be thinking I gave up on the blog entirely.  I didn’t.  There was this thing, and then another, and then something else…I kept on thinking, well…after this one thing (bad cold, finishing another design, fill-the-blank excuse) I’ll post again.  Time did its thing and I went from not having the stamina to post, to no having anything to say, to how will I tell about everything that happened in between my last post and the next?

Early in the year, I caught an awful cold that made me feel sorry for myself for a full month.  It was so bad I didn’t even knit.  I did play a lot of games on the Surface, though :P.

Then, there was (still is) the next design on the E-book that I will eventually publish.  The patterns were already out of sync with the seasons, but it’s already the end of July and I haven’t decided on the next pattern – supposed to be named for Winter.
To be honest, I think I have the right design now, but I still have to knit it – yet again – since the size is still way too small.  There’s also the little nagging voice in my head, reminding me that I need to come up with the last design for the collection, the one for Spring.

So, after being stuck for a few months trying to come up with the last 2 designs for the book, I was reminded of a promise an offer I made to a friend, and stopped everything I was doing to design her wedding shawl:

Tru Wuv
Tru Wuv

Between the shawl pictured above and another one that didn’t make the cut, I spent almost a month knitting nonstop.  Then, there was the soccer cup and the Hoar de Fleece, and I most of the month of July spinning and watching games ;).

I spun more this year than I did the last, but I still fizzled out on the last week.  Part of the reason I didn’t spin anything on the last week of the HdF was because I wanted to knit with some of the yarn I’d spun – which isn’t something that happens to me very often.

Well, this entry kind of sums up what happened since I last posted here.  Sometimes, having a boring life isn’t so bad.

New release


I was just reminded that this test knit has taken 3 months so far. Oddly enough, it seems like less time.

I had so much fun designing and knitting this stole, and the test knitting went so well, I didn’t feel the time passing.  Now – finally! – the pattern is released and other people can enjoy knitting it too.

Verão might not be a good choice for a fast knit, but will be perfect for after the holidays knitting, when most of us are looking for something more challenging, without a deadline ;).

You can see more photos and read more about this gorgeous stole here.


We live in an old, small house, pretty much in the middle of downtown.  Right across from our front yard there’s a beautiful park where most of the spring and summer events happen.

We can sit on our front porch and appreciate the music every Wednesday evening, during the spring time.  We’re also just a few steps away from the two major art fairs that happen in town every year.  This is the perfect set up for us, since we don’t like to plan things ahead of time, specially on weekends – to me, weekends are meant to be spent with a go with the flow attitude: do whatever we feel like doing, without having to plan ahead for it.

When I came downstairs yesterday morning, I noticed that the park’s parking lot (did I mention that the park is across the street from us?) was full.  Lots of cars, some with trailers attached.  That meant something was going on.  So I got closer to the window and from there I could see a few tents set up.

Since the weather was still nice (it wouldn’t last, though.  It got to 103F in the afternoon), we decided to go check it out.  It turns out that the Fall Art Fest(? Fair?) was going on.  The first booth we saw, as soon as we got there, was from a couple who sells iron work – garden decor and sculptures.
They had an amazing kinetic sculpture at the front, so we decided to look at the other things they had.  That’s when I saw her, standing by the side of the booth, almost hidden amongst all the other cool stuff they had – the perfect prop for displaying my shawls when doing a photo shoot: my new model.

I checked the price tag and couldn’t believe my eyes.  She was being sold for a third of the price of similar ones I’ve seen before!  And I had the money :D!  She came home with me and in a few hours she’ll be housed upstairs in the one-day-this-will-be-a-studio-room.

I’d like to introduce you to my new model.  Seen here displaying Verão, my latest design (soon to be released).

Quatro Estações Collection – Verão

She does an amazing job at modeling, doesn’t she?  On the next photo we can see her back, and how well she displays the stole.

Quatro Estações Collection – Verão back