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Who knew?

So, yesterday I published an entry asking for test knitters.   It was written the day before – the same day I posted in a few groups on Ravelry asking for testers.  You see, I wasn’t getting many replies (or people reading the threads), so I thought it would be a good idea to post here too.

It was kind of watching water boil – you know how if you keep on watching it feels like water takes forever to come to a boil (not true, but feels like it)?  Checking those thread felt the same way.  I kept on going back, waiting for a reply to no avail.  Then Joel came home and I got off the internet.
Obviously, as soon as I stopped checking, the replies offering to test came in.  And they kept on coming.  By the time the post here came up, I had more than enough people willing to test knit for me :D.

There’s more, though.  Posting outdated information here wasn’t the only social media faux pas I made.  Months ago I got tired of the spam I was getting here, so I changed the settings in the comments.  It worked so well that even people who had previously posted comments here were unable to do so :P.  I didn’t know this and if it wasn’t for Dorothy letting me know on Ravelry, I’d go on completely unaware of this problem.
I got a spam comment minutes after I changed the setting, but at least real people will be able to comment (I hope).

On other news, I’m giving Facebook another go.  The first time I tried it, it was a complete disaster, with bonus real life drama.  Deleting my old profile, aside from being labor intensive, was no big deal since I didn’t have any idea what to do with that account anyway.
Times have changed and the WordPress platform now allows me to share stuff easily, so I’ll give it another try.  You can find my profile here.

End of Summer (hopefully)

It’s been an interesting and unusual summer around here.  There was very little knitting, despite the fact that we had a cool summer (more on this later – as in, rant about it).  Although I didn’t knit much and the seasons e-book is so behind, I’m still working on the Spring shawl, there has been a lot of crafting around here (mostly WIPS, though).

Going from the most recent to some stuff we’ve done throughout the Summer:
– I decided that I had it with mismatched shelves and came up with the idea of installing a built-in in the living room.   Joel wasn’t very keen on it, until I showed him some library ladders.
I downloaded an awesome software – SketchUp, finally bought a pocket joint jig and off we went.  In all honesty, we could have done it without the jig (which is really cool and useful), but the software is invaluable and made it possible to have very accurate pieces, with little mistakes.
We have the base almost finished.  I still need to do the drawers (dovetails will be involved).  I’m still struggling with making proper shopping lists that will get us through only one trip to Home Depot, but it’s getting better.

– A few weeks before the built-in enterprise, I went crazy over some patchwork I saw over here.  I looked around the web and the best price I found for pre-cut fabric was at Craftsy, so I got myself the squares I needed, plus a jelly roll that I didn’t need, but was pretty.
The idea is to practice piecing so I’ll get more accurate blocks.
I might still be doing something wrong because, unlike the video I linked above, I need to square the sub-blocks(?) each time I cut/sew the pieces together.  Because it’s so labor intensive, it’s slow going and was totally side-tracked by the built-in.

– Before that, I was playing with the quilt made of old shirts (I posted about it before).  I finished the patchwork and managed to quilt two blocks, but had to rip the stitches on the second one because…reasons.
Around the same time, I decided it was time to replace the cover on Joel’s chair.  I wasn’t happy with the fabric used for the original cover and it was fraying.
I’ve been saving old jeans for some time now, and decided to use those as the fabric for the new cover.  I took the old cover apart and used it as a template for the new one (I might, eventually write a post about it – when it’s finished).  Tackling that cover convinced me that the ready-made ones aren’t that expensive to buy.  To say it’s a pain to sew together is an understatement, so it remains unfinished.

– There was also the spinning and some knitting, but it was addressed here already.

Back to the weather.  We were having a lovely, cool summer, until the end of August.  It then became the usual hot, unbearable summer we know and love came to expect.  On the bright side, Summer is (supposed to be) almost over, so the hope is that the heat won’t last much longer.