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Last Saturday I got up early and started to work on the pattern for Tru Wuv.  The idea was that it would take me all weekend to get the file ready and I’d send the pattern off to the test knitters on Monday.  This way I’d have time to dye some yarn to knit along with them.

Turns out there wasn’t much to fix in the document and it took me less than half an hour, so I sent it the same day.    I have to make a pause on the narrative here to say that I’m truly overwhelmed by the eagerness and good will of my test knitters.  They were catching mistakes before my yarn was even dry.

Yarn for Tru Wuv
Yarn for Tru Wuv

The yarn is a 70% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk, and 10% Cashmere mix, takes dye beautifully and it’s so very soft. The yardage is 1312 yds/100g, so I’m guessing I’ll have plenty of left-over.

The plan was to dye the yarn GREEN.  Not teal, GREEN.  BTW, the color you see on the pictures is true to life.  I didn’t mix dyes to get this color, it came straight out of a jar, and that might be what caused the problem.  I probably needed to shake the jar before mixing the dye with water.  Oh, well…
Next time I get to play with the dyeing pots, I’ll try this one again – just to be sure about the color.  If I keep on getting teal, I’ll re-label the jar.

This gradient is a time-consuming job and although I started on Saturday, I was only able to finish the dye job by Sunday.

I got lucky when it came time to put the yarn outside to dry.  Even though the temperatures were mild, the yarn was dry in time for me to start knitting
the same day.

Tru Wuv
Tru Wuv

This is as far as I got by last night (Monday).  I stopped after row 20 of  the second chart.  It was slow going because the moisture in the air yesterday was really high, so I kept on washing my hands to keep them from sweating.  There was also a lot of fighting with the yarn not sliding on the needles as smoothly as I’d like.
Of course, I couldn’t let well enough alone, so I had to add beads which also slows me down a lot.

I’m hoping to be able to finish this chart today.  Wish me luck.

Tru Wuv - detail
Tru Wuv – detail

Who knew?

So, yesterday I published an entry asking for test knitters.   It was written the day before – the same day I posted in a few groups on Ravelry asking for testers.  You see, I wasn’t getting many replies (or people reading the threads), so I thought it would be a good idea to post here too.

It was kind of watching water boil – you know how if you keep on watching it feels like water takes forever to come to a boil (not true, but feels like it)?  Checking those thread felt the same way.  I kept on going back, waiting for a reply to no avail.  Then Joel came home and I got off the internet.
Obviously, as soon as I stopped checking, the replies offering to test came in.  And they kept on coming.  By the time the post here came up, I had more than enough people willing to test knit for me :D.

There’s more, though.  Posting outdated information here wasn’t the only social media faux pas I made.  Months ago I got tired of the spam I was getting here, so I changed the settings in the comments.  It worked so well that even people who had previously posted comments here were unable to do so :P.  I didn’t know this and if it wasn’t for Dorothy letting me know on Ravelry, I’d go on completely unaware of this problem.
I got a spam comment minutes after I changed the setting, but at least real people will be able to comment (I hope).

On other news, I’m giving Facebook another go.  The first time I tried it, it was a complete disaster, with bonus real life drama.  Deleting my old profile, aside from being labor intensive, was no big deal since I didn’t have any idea what to do with that account anyway.
Times have changed and the WordPress platform now allows me to share stuff easily, so I’ll give it another try.  You can find my profile here.

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