Maria v1.0

Maria v1.0
Maria v1.0

The idea for this shawl came from the “need” to create a smaller shawl that could be used as a scarf without the bulk of fabric I get from triangular ones.  This shape has been knit over and over again and once I found a stitch pattern that I liked for the edging, it took a life of its own and became three different shawls – Maria v2.0, Maria v1.0 and v1.5 which both knit similarly – sideways, from tip to center, then the sides are grafted together.

The shawl can be made longer and wider by simply adding more repeats or changing the weight of the yarn.

The sample showcased above was knit with  sock yarn (app. 400 yd/100g skein).

Sock yarn version: unless you want to get a second skein to knit only a few rows, this shawl will have one less repeat than the lace one.

Maria v1.0 is the simpler version of this shawl and has a ST st field in the center.  Maria v1.5 on the other hand, has a lace medallion at the center.  The pattern contains instructions and charts that will allow you to knit either version – or knit both :).

Other materials necessary: tapestry needle and waste yarn (or st holder).

Fleegle has a killer tutorial on grafting.  It makes joining lace a breeze.

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