Hoar de Fleece (day 1 and 2)

29/6 Day one:  I wasn’t sure if the Tour started today or on Monday, so I went through my day doing more mundane tasks – like grocery shopping.  I finished knitting a prototype for another design and decided that I wanted to over dye the shawl, as the original color of the yarn didn’t do much for the beads I used.
I put all the blue dyes I had in the crock pot and added black and all the purples.  I ended up with a very saturated dye bath, so I decided to over dye some silk fiber I had lying around:
This roving (top?) is 89.7g, which is odd.  I usually dye stuff in 100g or 4 oz lots – depending on the purpose.  If I’m dyeing to spin it myself, I go with 100g, since that’s the weight of a normal skein.  When dyeing to sell, I make it into 4 oz lots, as this is the average weight fiber is sold.
I suspect some of the fiber was used to make a batt, mixed with some other wool and fibers.

30/6 Day two:  After procrastinating for a good part of the day (spun silk is fabulous, but it’s such a PITA to spin), I finally sat down and started spinning it.  I had to take an obscene amount of breaks because I have to grab the fibers tight and after a few minutes my fingers hurt.
I’m hoping to have a heavy lace weight yarn by the time I’m done.

2 thoughts on “Hoar de Fleece (day 1 and 2)”

  1. It’s gorgeous!

    I’ve spent TdF dividing my time between 3 spindles and my wheel. We’ll see how long I can keep that up…..

    1. Thanks! I was planning on finishing the first half yesterday, but K got in a fight with Marble and I spent almost 2 hours looking for her.
      When she finally showed up again, I was so stressed out I had a headache (walking up and down the street under the sun didn’t help either).

      I’ll put a new post up today with the (little) progress I made.

      BTW, I found out that as much as I like spindles, they aren’t my thing.

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