The other day I was procrastinating on browsing Ravelry when I came across the Williamson Stole.  Despite the numerous things I have to do – like finish knitting the new design so I can have it test knit – I decided I needed to knit one of those.  This stole will probably never be worn by me, but I’m craving real lace (no resting rows) and this seemed like a good idea, with less commitment than The Queen Susan, for example.

I found out that the only skein of yarn I had that was thin enough didn’t have enough yardage to knit the whole stole.  What’s a knitter supposed to do?  Go to Colourmart, of course!
I’ve never bought from them before because…reasons.  The first being that I’m cheap and am very attached to my money.  I kept on telling myself that they didn’t have the right color, the right weight, it would take forever (I’m really good at talking myself out of buying stuff ;P).

I tried to knit the stole with some mystery cotton yarn I have here, but it’s too thick for this pattern.  So I broke down and finally ordered from Colourmart.  This was on the 23rd and I already got the yarn in my hands!  I’m amazed at the efficiency and the care in the packing – each cone (because, you know, since it’s coming from so far away, I might as well get more than one) came packed inside a sealed bag, which in turn were inside another sealed bag, which was inside the mailing bag.  Talk about care.

Gotta go now.  I have a stole to knit and I can’t wait to cast on :D.