My brain – it’s scary sometimes…

A few years ago I came across a photo in the Knitter’s Handbook and became infatuated with it – instantly.  I wanted to learn more about those doilies depicted there: where did they come from, was there a pattern…
Some time later (a few months? a few years?), I acquired both of Mary Thomas books on knitting, and there it was again.  This time, not as a doily, but as a baby bonnet.  The same stitches, the same overall feel to the item.

Fast-forward to last year, when I finally learnt what those doilies were: Azores pita lace.  I trolled the internet looking for more information with very little to show for it.  I found an article on and old Harper’s Bazaar, one photo in the Victoria and Albert museum website and auctions that had ended already.

After a year+ looking at them – even going as far as using the macro lenses in my camera to get more details (I said my brain was scary) – I think I might be able to replicate them, but at this point re-creating them is not enough.  The infatuation morphed into love and I want to learn everything I can about them.  I want to see the needles used to knit those beauties, I want to understand the feel of the pita fiber.  I want to own one of them.

Today, to my great joy, I found out that Rosa Pomar has just released a book about Portuguese knitting – Malhas Portuguesas, and I used the last of my Paypal funds to buy it.  Now, to wait for the book to cross the Atlantic and half the North American continent.

Obsessed?  Who?  ME???!