Maria v1.0 and v1.5

Maria v1.0
Maria v1.0

I’ve been very quiet online, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t doing anything.  For the last month or so I’ve been working on the files for Maria v1.0 and v1.5 – also knitting another sample.

The files are in the hands of my amazing test knitters, which gives me some time to goof around and update this blog.
For the first time since I began releasing patterns, I actually have the time to work on a second design as this one gets tested, and do some much necessary improvements to my pattern template.  I hope to keep this going, as it will help me streamline my work – meaning, I’d be able to release more patterns in less time. 😀

Two of the reasons I’ve been so quiet online can be seen in the picture.  One was that I was knitting the shawl, the other is the snow.
We had almost a foot of snow in a very short period of time and the “storms” messed up with my connection (got lost, got slow…got me upset).  We were lucky though.  Some folks were (still are?) dealing with lack of electricity, fallen branches/trees, streets still covered with snow and ice and even a few collapsed roofs.

Zig Zag Spiral
Zig Zag Spiral

I’ve also managed to knit another shawl – Zig Zag Spiral, designed by the very talented Inês Sousa.  It was a pleasure to knit and I was very lucky in the combo of pattern and yarn.
Speaking of yarn, I’ve fallen in love with the yarn I used for this shawl.  It’s amazingly soft, has just the right hint of sheen and blocks beautifully.  If I can get more of it, I’ll dye some and make it available through my Etsy store (BTW, the Maria sample I posted above will also be available there – as soon as I’m done with the design).

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    1. Thank you!
      I like snow – it makes winter look like winter. We had a very dry winter up until the end of Feb and it just felt wrong.

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