O hai!

Alohura – playing with gradient yarn

I’ve been busy feeling sorry for myself and doing some fiber related stuff.  I’m done with the feeling sorry for myself part; the fiber related stuff is still going on though.

You might have noticed that I posted some yarn to my Etsy shop.  I’m still playing with long gradient colors and decided to put some of the skeins up for sale.  So far I have 3 skeins available in the store.  I’m not done with my experiments yet and have another 2 skeins ready to be photographed and posted.
Right now I have one skein of sock weight yarn:

This skein was the one I did for the first tutorial on gradient dyeing.  Because of the way it was dyed – with the dark part in the center, I can’t come up with something to use this skein (socks would be great, but I don’t feel like knitting socks – well…I do, but want something else for socks).
This skein is perfect if you want to knit socks with the exact same colors at the same places.
I also have two skeins of worsted weight yarn available:
These two were done with a new (to me) technique.  They both go from browns to greens and I wound them up into cakes so that each one would show one of the colors on the outside:
These skeins can be used for a small shawl or a felted project.

On other news, I finished the lace fence :D!  I began “blocking” it, but ran out of staples, so I have to wait for Joel to reload the stapler.  These are the photos I have for now (and the blocking will have to be redone).  I’ll post more when it’s properly in place.

I really like how the fence came out and am planning on doing more of it.  Next time I’ll try to find bigger cones of cord (and hope I won’t need to make many joints – which slowed me down considerably and made me lose some of the interest in knitting this) and will go up several needle sizes.  Again, I like how it turned out, but it can be lacier and still show the stitch pattern.  All and all, it’s a fast knit, albeit it becomes heavy very fast.

The shawl at the beginning of this post is an example of what can be done with gradient dyed yarns.  The colors of the shawl are very similar to the ones on the skeins I have available on Etsy.