As promised, here are the photos of the different dyeing I did for the tutorials I’ve posted over the last few weeks.

  This is the result of the first tutorial I wrote.  If you look closely you might be able to see the kinks left from knitting the blank.  As I stated in the tutorial, this skein was over dyed to get deeper colors.  The yarn is a merino/nylon/stelina, superwash, sock weight.

  Result from the second way to make gradient dyeing.  I’ve done a lot of skeins using this method and it annoys me a bit that the color changes tend to be abrupt.  To fix that (to an extent) I over dyed this skein too.  The yarn is an alpaca/silk mix, lace weight (2/14).

  How the yarn on the third tutorial turned out.  Once again, I’ve over dyed the skein to cover un-dyed specks I’d gotten in the yarn.  The yarn is 100% wool, worsted weight.

  For this yarn, I’ve used the third method with Rit dyes.  This one, unlike the others wasn’t over dyed as the dye solution was way too strong (I used the left over bath to dye a felted bag I’ve knit, and still thew away a lot of dye).  This is the yarn I’ll use to knit Maria with the group.  It’s a cotton/viscose blend, worsted weight.

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