I’d like to start this entry by apologizing for its title.  I strongly dislike using “buzz” words – words that were claimed by a group of people and bears (in their context) little to no similarity to the original word’s meaning.  Serendipity was such a word, it was used ad nauseam by crafters everywhere and became almost meaningless – it was just a pretty word.
In the case of this post though, the word was used as intended by the English definition.

I’ve been blogging about gradation dyeing tutorials for a few weeks now and last week I was contacted by Dena of Webs Yarn Store asking me permission to use a photo of mine in their blog.
At first I thought the blog entry (here) would be about patterns creating using a certain yarn.  Well, in a sense, it was;  but the serendipity part comes in because the post is about dyeing :P.

It gets even more coincidental because the yarn I used to knit Luiza (the first one), was at first a failed attempt at gradient dyeing.  I used a spool knitting tool, like this one, to make a very long i-cord, which I then dyed.  When I unraveled the i-cord the colors had broken down in odd ways and a lot of white was showing.  I then over-dyed it in a dark red color, which I still didn’t like.
Some of you might know that the original Luiza was a Christmas gift for my SIL and I decided to use that yarn because I didn’t have anything else handy and she likes the color.
The final color was, once more, serendipity at play.  I ran out of yarn before the edging and had to add undyed yarn to it.  After the shawl was done, I over-dyed it once again, and to avoid a glaring change in color, I eventually dipped the whole shawl into the dye bath.