I think I mentioned in a previous entry that I’m working on a commission, didn’t I?  After a lot of mishaps, the knitting is going along just fine and I might be done with it and free to pursuit other project by this time next week.
I can’t post pictures or details about this one project until it’s published in the catalog, and shouldn’t be talking about it much, but it lead me to an interesting discovery.
I went to the LYS to get a few more needles to work on this project, since the ones I was using were driving me crazy.  Well…I got there picked the needles paid for them and on my way out the store my eyes caught some nice, shiny yarn.  I don’t usually buy yarn there, as the prices and I don’t agree (I’m cheap), but there were two skeins there with a decent price tag on them, so I picked them up and went to the cash register again. 😉
That’s when the discovery I mentioned earlier comes into this story.  I found out that I was inspired by those yarns.  You’re probably thinking “So…what else is new?”, here is the thing though, for a few months now I’ve been starting and frogging project left and right, I couldn’t bring myself to finish anything – it was all so boring.  I felt like I was growing tired of knitting.  It was a scary thought and I’m glad it was just me needing inspiration.

On other news, but still knit-related, this month we celebrate the third anniversary of our group over on Ravelry and I’ve decided to start a KAL as a gift to the members.  There is a poll set up to choose what we’re going to do and you can add your vote here.  So far this is the preferred item.
If Maria is indeed the chosen one, it’s going to make a very interesting D&KAL, as I’m planning to start with the dyeing of the yarn (DAL) and then the knitting itself 😀
I can’t wait to finish the commission so I can give the final touches to the pattern document.