Pics, finally!

The whole lot

     The picture above is of the swatches that, at some point, I called my final swatches.  This was before I changed yarn and needles.  Once I had these swatches blocked, I wasn’t happy with them, but as I edited the images to place them here, I was in shock as how bad they really are.


This is the garter stitch swatch.  I’m ashamed at how uneven it looks.  Granted, I did block it with little attention (read: no attention whatsoever) to measurements.  Still, it’s an awful work – if you click on the image, you can see – the horror! – holes in the fabric.

Cable swatch

On this one, you don’t even need to click on the image to see the white of the background showing through.  Again, bad blocking, but most importantly, bad choice of needles – the cable just doesn’t pop the way it should.

I could go on and on, showing more photos of the lousy job I’ve done, but don’t want to scare you away.  I can knit better than that, I swear.  This post is just to show why I’ve decided to knit all the swatches again.
BTW, the new swatches (done with 4.5mm needles and Fishermen’s Wool) is soaking in the sink as I write.  I still need to knit one cable swatch and the color one and can then move to the project.