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Alohura – hand dyed Sheila’s Sparkle fingering

It’s been a long time since my last post here.  The reason is simple – I didn’t have much to say :P, but if you check me on Ravelry, you’ll find out that I released Alohura yesterday.
This is a crescent shawl knit from the neck down with a clever beginning that makes the edge of the shawl looks like it was pick up and knit after the shawl was done.
It’s a small shawl and can be done with only one skein of most fingering weight yarns.  The pattern has instructions for making it bigger and a photo-tutorial on how to cast on.

I still need to update the blog with links, pages and whatnot, but just don’t have the energy right now.

During my long silence, I’ve been trying to come up with new designs, with very little results to show for it.
Don’t get me wrong, the ideas are there, the execution, on the other hand…not doing so great.  Right now there are 6 different projects sitting in front of me and they all fall somewhere between meh and blah in my interest gauge.

I’m still experimenting with crescent-shaped shawls and keep on getting new ideas, pretty much every other day.  When it comes to putting those ideas into knitting, though, something happens and so far I haven’t found one that I like enough to pursue all the way to publication.

Maria v2.0

Maria v2.0

Maria v2.0 was alive in my head long before I made it real with yarn and needles. The knitting itself, as normally happens with most of my designs, was fast; but the engineering of the shapes and stitches took more than nine months to figure out.
The idea for this shawl has been brewing inside my head for so long, I can’t remember precisely when it first occurred to me. Ever since I first became aware of the tab start for shawls, I’ve been meaning to push its boundaries, but up until very recently I didn’t know how to do it.
Even after having figured out how to create a different kind of tab, I let the idea swimmer in my head – I had the start and the body, but couldn’t figure out an edging that would do this shawl justice. I let the idea sit in my head, waiting for the perfect edging to present itself.
Thanks to one of the members of the group, who made the wonderful mistake of knitting a chart backwards, I finally had my edging :). I use the term “mistake” loosely, as this is such an amazing solution I was hitting myself for not thinking of it before seeing it.

Maria v2.0 shawl is knit from the neck down, starting with a different kind of tab. The original was done in worsted weight yarn (shocking, I know). I used 4.5mm needles.

I think the best yarn weights for this shawl would be anything from sports up. As usual, gauge isn’t that important. You will need to know how to pick up stitches, work on knit on edging and do right and left loop increases.

Due to the never-ending ST st, the pattern is quite forgiving and small mistakes can be fixed with little to no tinking (or frogging).

You will also need st markers (the open type) and a stitch holder (or lengths of scrap yarn).