Sep 222014

When the test knit for Tru Wuv started, I mentioned that I knit “different”.  One of the test knitters became curious, so I made another video showing how I knit and purl:

I’ve also made a few more showing how I do some common decreases, but I’m still working on editing those.  Hopefully I’ll be able to upload them this week and share them with you.

Knitting Tru Wuv

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Sep 092014
Knitting Tru Wuv

Last Saturday I got up early and started to work on the pattern for Tru Wuv.  The idea was that it would take me all weekend to get the file ready and I’d send the pattern off to the test knitters on Monday.  This way I’d have time to dye some yarn to knit along [...]

Who knew?

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Sep 052014

So, yesterday I published an entry asking for test knitters.   It was written the day before – the same day I posted in a few groups on Ravelry asking for testers.  You see, I wasn’t getting many replies (or people reading the threads), so I thought it would be a good idea to post here [...]


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